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American Pistolsmiths Guild 2004 Browning High Power Raffle Gun

12. American Pistolsmiths Guild 2004 Browning High Power Raffle Gun

The High Power pictured is as good as it gets. It is the 2004 raffle pistol for the American Pistolsmiths Guild. It was extensively modified by several members of the Guild including Neil Keller or Kustom Ballistics, Alex Hamilton of Ten-Ring Precision, Richard Heinie of Heinie Specialty Products, Tim Dillon, Jim Stroh of Alpha Precision and Irv Stone of BarSto Precision. Matt Del Fatti (1-715-267-6420) one of the finest leather craftsmen in the world created the holster and magazine scabbards. The exquisite gold inlay engraving was accomplished by Brian Powley (

Browning High Power

Browning High Power alteration showing a Type II Commander hammer,
a welded beavertail, low mount Novak rear and a dovetail front.


Custom Smith And Wesson 629

19. Custom Smith And Wesson 629

Terry Theis of Harper, Texas cut the 50% engraving on the nice Smith 629 after I did a complete action job which included recutting the crown and forcing cone, correcting end-float, numbering, beveling and polishing the cylinders, reducing the single and double action trigger pull, and glass beading the stainless steel for a nice soft matte finish. The action job was $125.00 and the 50% engraving ran around $600.

Custom Texas Longhorn

14. Custom Texas Longhorn

This is a rare Texas Longhorn single action made like many shooters believe a Colt Single Action Army should have been made for a right hand shooter with the loading gate and extractor rod on the left. Like many of we aging shooters the owner wanted a Doctor red dot scope mounted so he could see the cottin’ pickin’ sights. The grip is an abbreviated Bisley.