1921 Thompson Sub Machine Gun, serial number 4339, caliber 45 ACP

This beautiful “early” Thompson was the property of the Philadelphia police department back in the early 1920’s where it began its historic life. If it could talk I can only imagine the stories it would tell.  It is in very good to excellent condition and shows very minor storage scratches in the 98% blue finish. The barrel is bulged where a handloaded bullet caught up with the one in front of it.  Bulged barrels are common for the early 920 rpm cycle rate Thompsons.  I found an original replacment barrel and will keep it as a spare if this Tommy Gun is ever sold. The case is original and is complete with spare parts/tool box, ramrod, 50 round drum magazine and four ten round magazines. Shooting this magnificent piece of American history is a treat beyond words. It ain’t for sale, but you can dream.

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