WWI German 1918 Dated Erfurt Luger

22.(#119P) Excellent WWI German 1918 Dated Erfurt Luger – Serial # 4344m,9mm cal,. 3 7/8″ round barrel, blue finish, walnut grips. Imperial Luger Pistol manufactured at Erfurt, the Prussian owned arms factory, during WWI. The chamber is dated “1918” and the toggle has the “crown/ERFURT” logo. Dull blue finish with straw colored small parts and finely checkered walnut grips. Serial number and suffix on the front of the frame, with “4344” stamped on the bottom of the barrel and the left side of the barrel extension. The partial serial number (44) is stamped on most of the small components including the inside of the grips. All of the serial numbers match with the exception of the magazine. The right side of the receiver has three “crown/gothic letter” army acceptance marks followed by the Imperial eagle and the “crown/RC” Reuisians-Commission rework stamp is marked above the first crown proof. This proof indicated that this Luger failed final inspection due to “our of tolerance” parts. The rework mark is also stamped on the left side of the barrel over a crown/gothic letter proof and the Imperial eagle is stamped on the right. The left side of the breechblock is also stamped with the Imperial eagle. Typical of Erfurt pistols a small “crown/gothic letter” acceptance mark is stamped on all of the small parts. Nickel plated magazine with wooden base numbered to another pistol.

CONDITION: Excellent! The pistol retains 95% original blue finish with some wear on the muzzle , side plate, high edge and front strap. There is some light spotting on the front strap. 80% of the original straw color remains on the small components. Overall the grips are very fine with some wear on the checkering high points on the left heel and some minor wear on the lower edges. The checkering remains very crisp. The markings are clear (some highlighted in white). This pistol is mechanically excellent…$2,150.00.

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