Cowboy Action and Single Action Work

Labor Charges as of 8-11-2021:  Man hour $95.00; man and machine hour $115.00


Cowboy Action & Single Action Revolver Work (On Colt and US Firearms single actions, Ruger Vaquero’s, Blackhawk’s and variations & some Colt clones).

The Ruger Blackhawk shown below has a Keith #5 grip installed, a custom Jim Stroh front sight, fancy walnut grips by Paul Persinger of El Paso, deep relief engraving by Terry Theis of Harper, Texas, antique nickel plating by Reliable Plating in Chartley, MA and, of course I, Alex Hamilton did all the internal and external custom work plus managed all outside work.  This fine Blackhawk took about 2 1/2 years from beginning to completion and cost the customer approximately $4,800.


This extraordinary United States Firearms single action cusmized for a good customer has had considerable action work completed in the Ten-Ring shop with masterful deep relief engraving by Terry Theis of Harper, Texas, antique nickel plating by Reliable Electroplate in Chartely, MA and custom fancy walnut grips by Paul Persinger of El Paso, TX.  This fine six-gun finished out for approximately $3,500.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured Colt cylinders. If you have a first or second generation Colt needing a new cylinder for restoration to original Colt specs or a caliber change I have new cylinders available in just about any caliber Colt made including 45 Colt, 44 WCF (44-40), 32 WCF (32-20), 44 special, 38 special and 32-20. We also have OEM cylinders in 45 ACP for your 45 Colt, but only for first and second generation single actions. These OEM cylinders are blue. There are no OEM cylinders for Colt third generation single actions. You cost for the cylinder and installation…$395.00; cylinder only with oversize bushing…$375.00

  • Caliber conversions $450+ No longer available
  • Custom barrels & front sight $250+
  • Sight changes $160
  • Oversize base pin fitted $45 to $75
  • Action jobs $165
  • Barrel lining or reboring $225+
  • Steel extractor housings $45+
  • Forcing cone recut $25
  • Recut crown $35+
  • Remove end-shake $75+
  • Free spin pawl installed $75  

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