AR-15 9mm uppers

Complete 9mm AR Upper Conversions For Your AR With Machined Steel/Aluminum Magazine Block


These 9mm uppers are the highest quality 9mm “drop-in” conversions being sold today. They have a Picatinny rail flattop in the rear which will allow you to mount a red dot sight of your choosing and shoot inexpensive 9mm ammunition.  All are “hand built units built so you do not have to change the hammer or buffer or make any modifications to your lower receiver.”  These top of the line conversions are “recoil operated” and come with beautifully machined and threaded (1/2″ X 28TPI) stainless steel barrels.
 All you do is remove your current upper and install the new 9mm upper which comes complete with an “all steel” and aluminum magazine block machined from bar-stock and one 25, 32 or 40 round 9mm UZI magazine altered to work in this unit. Forty round magazines are very limited.  
Extra 25 & 32 round magazines at this time are $29.00 apiece.  Forty round mags are $43.00 when available.   We can ship magazines to Ca. in pieces as a “kit” or with a mag block which cuts the capacity of a 25 round mag to 10 rounds for a small extra charge of $15.00.  I cannot stay informed on CA. law so CA shooters will have to keep me educated.  
 These 9mm upper units will fit on any “standard” lower.  However, I have been told some of the lowers made by Colt back around 1982 have a larger front and rear pivot pin so the smaller pins will not work. 

The actual barrel length is 16 1/4″ with a 9mm standard twist of 1:10. All barrels are threaded with 1/2″ X 28TPI threads that will fit most suppressors.

All SAMMI specification heat treated are turned from 416 stainless steel bar stock and are absolute the best money can buy.  We have four units cut from 41-40 carbon tool steel.

You can purchase one of these high quality, very accurate, inexpensive to shoot, 9mm uppers without having to go through a Federaly licensed dealer for $525.00  plus $25.00 UPS shipping anywhere in the continental United States. These are custom built here in the Ten-Ring Precision shop in “very limited” quantities.   

    Your cost of $525.00  includes one 25, 32, or 40 round magazine and one “all steel & aluminum” mag block made from solid bar-stock, bolt group, charging handle and everything else required for a “drop-in” unit.  UPS ground shipping to the continental United States is a flat $25.00.






 Extractor and Firing Pin Kits for Your 9mm Upper

Many shooters like to have a spare extractor and firing pin handy so we have put together a little kit which includes a high quality firing pin and spring, an extractor and extractor retaining pin.

$49.95 Plus shipping and tax if you are in Texas.