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TR Gun Kote Polymer Coating Application

 Nasty color combination, but we can do just about anything.

 Although we are out of the coating sales business Ten-Ring Precision still applies its fine line of new high performance polymer coatings which have unlimited uses in metal working and manufacturing industries. We apply Gun Kote in our shop to firearms of every discription with over thirty years of experience.

Gun Kote is a high tech abrasion and heat resistant polymer coating which can be used to protect metal parts used by professional machinists, professional engine builders, motorcycle shops, gunsmiths, industrial maintenance departments, cutting tool manufacturers, under water equipment manufacturers and any other metal manufactured for extreme duty. Application of the TR finishes will rust proof, heat proof and dry lubricate a product with a tough coating that will last many years.

Ten-Ring Precision’s line of coatings has been successfully used on firearms, pistons, valve springs, gears, brake systems, intake manifolds, heads, barrels, slides, gear boxes, chains and many more items.

TR Gun Kote was developed for use by all branches of the military and their various weapons systoms. The United States Navy Seal Teams were the first units to use this product. A coating was needed to withstand 500 hour salt spray tests and still meet the military machine gun firing requirements and TR Coating fit the bill to a tee.  It does that and more!

TR Gun Kote is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion plus the .001″ to .002″ thickness is ideal for close tolerance parts giving them outstanding weather and corrosion protection.  Corrosion protection tests require any product to withstand a minimum of 500 hours with 5% salt spray which is a grueling test for anything made of any metal.  TR polymer coating is resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents common to Automotive, Aircraft and Machine Tool Industries and will easily withstand punishment any firearm may receive in the field under harsh climates.

TR Gun Kote also has the added benefit of helping cool parts by dissipating heat since it is formulated to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F and as low as -250 degrees F without breaking down.

We no longer sell coating products, but will apply these superb coatings to just about any firearm.




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