Custom Carry Work

Semi Automatic Custom Carry Reliability Work Work listed below is work suggested for carry handguns. You choose the work you need done. Many new handguns such as Kimber and Springfield have some of this work already performed.

The following is Typical custom work on your pistol, but there are many more possibilities:

  • Ramp & Throat the barrel to feed all quality ammunition $45
  • Trigger and action job  $95
  • Series 80 trigger and action job $125
  • Novak, low mount, fixed, rear sights and a dovetail front. Add about $75.00+ for night sights. $145
  • All sharp corners removed  $65 (Does not include refinishing.)


  • Extractor tuned $20
  • Install #13 Match link and bushing (model 1911 only) $65
  • Refinish entire pistol with High Tech Modern Gun Kote polymer finish (Does not include pit removal and polish.) $165+
  • Tune or replace ejector $20 to $45
  • High rise Brown beavertail safety for the tactical package (refinishing not included.) $95
  • Brown custom bobbed beavertail – $160.00
  • Extended thumb safety and fitting $65+
  • Beveled existing magazine well. $65
  • Custom hammer $65+



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