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Not available for the Glock Gen-5, X model, models 42, 43 or 48!  Also not available for any Glock clone such as the Poly 80 or Lone Wolf.

The Glock safety shown in silver is for photo purposes only. The actual safety is flat black.


Total cost for you will be $130.00 parts and labor plus $20.00 USPS flat rate shipping, insurance, residential delivery and adult signature for a total of $150.00 ($160.73 with sales tax for Texas residents). You can enclose a check, credit card number, money order, or cashiers check with your order. All you need to send in is your lower unit without the magazine. Since it is only gun parts you can send it by US Mail, UPS Ground, or Fed Ex Ground. Discounts are offered on FIVE or more frames. Turn around time is normally 24 to 48 hours.  

NOTE:  All packages shipped from Ten-Ring Precision are shipped with insurance and signature required.


SHIPPING: Send your receiver only to:

Ten-Ring Precision

1449 Blue Crest

San Antonio, TX 78232


Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax which comes to $10.72 for a total with shipping of $160.72.

Turn around time is usually 24 to 48 hours.

We believe a safe firearm is as important as your right to own one. The manual safety for your Glock pistol is a simple device which, when added to your pistol will help prevent unintentional discharges and give you an added margin in safety. The addition of the manual safety will not void the manufacturers warranty and will make your Glock pistol as safe as any pistol on the market.


  • Fits most model Glock pistols including the 36 and all Generation fours and earlier.
  • Will not fit the Glock models 42 & 43 or the new  Generation 5 and “X”.
  • Ergonomically designed and located.
  • Positive engagement and disengagement.

The safety has no effect on factory function, trigger pull or internal working of your Glock.

With active manual safety engaged, all Glock passive safeties are locked in place.

Pistol can be loaded and unloaded with manual safety engaged, thus diminishing the chance of an unintentional discharge.

Long wearing, properly heat treated, stainless steel parts.

Durable flat black baked on polymer tactical finish.

The manufacturers warranty is not voided. (Clink on link below to see letter.)

Lifetime warranty on parts and labor to the original customer when installed by Ten-Ring Precision, Inc.

NOTE: Aftermarket parts such as the 3.5 pound connector and springs that lighten the trigger pull do not effect the safety, but if you have altered the trigger mechanism to shorten the stroke or remove “take-up” slack the safety might not work and I will have to alter or remove that feature.
NOTE 2:When you restrict the trigger stroke on a Glock pistol and use it for self defense carry you are creating a great danger if you are ever caught in a high pressure situation.  I do not recommend any trigger that shortens the reset or removes all the slack from the trigger.  The slack is there for yours and others safety.  Removing slack is great for competition pistols, but not for self defense.

The safety is composed of five parts including the mounting block which is replaced with one machined out to accept the new parts. A 3/32″ slot is cut into the left side of the frame for the actual safety lever to work. The left photo shows the internal parts in place and the right photo shows the parts before installation which are the safety lever (top), tension spring, pressure plate, trigger bar guide, and the mounting block.


Extended slide lock………………………………….$18.00

Grip extension for full size model………………$12.00

Extended slide stop lever…………………………$23.00

Extended magazine release……………………..$23.00

3.5 pound trigger connector….$25.00 more or less depending on the brand of trigger bar.

Various sights installed……….$85.00 and up depending on the style and brand.

Red dot sight milled into the slide….$145.00 to $190.00.  We can hand fit the rounded front of your red dot for $190.00 or make a simple straight cut and drill and tap two holes for $145.00.

We do not offer grip reductions of alterations to the plastic grip.

NOTE:  The thumb safety is “not available” for  the Glock Model “X”, 42, 43, 48, Gen-5 or any Glock clone such as the Poly-80 or Lone Wolf. Also, not available for Springfield XD or Smith & Wesson MP.

WORD OF CAUTION: If you intend to carry your Glock for self defense the 5 1/2 pound factory trigger pull is the perfect pull weight in a combat situation. That’s what the majority of national and international police carry and that is what you should also use. For a carry pistol, I strongly recommend you do not install a trigger bar such as the one which reduces the trigger pull to 3 1/2 pounds. This makes the trigger too light in a high adrenalin situation and could cause the automatic post shooting lawsuit to go against you. If you are using the pistol for “competition only” a three pound pull is great, but in a life and death situation it could cost you your emotional and physical life “after” the shooting.

I also do not recommend any of the aftermarket triggers that limit the forward travel or “reset” of the trigger.  In a real life, combat situation the short reset could cause you to pull the trigger multiple times involuntarily. 

Letter from Glock confirming Factory Warranties will remain intact when thumb safety is installed

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