Revolver Accuracy And Action Work

Revolver accuracy is dependent on several points starting with the diameter of the cylinder throats which should be .001″ TO .002″ larger than the bullet diameter. For instance a 38 special or .357 magnum cylinder throat should be .358″ .359″, but no larger.  The barrel throat should meet SAAMI specs and idealy should be cut to 11 degrees. Barrel grooves should be the same diameter as the bullet such as .357″ for a 38 caliber. The crown should be cut square to the bore and it does not seem to make any difference if it is 90, 45 or 60 degrees just as long as it is square to the bore.  Following is the some of the revolver work we do at Ten-Ring Precision.

Labor Charges as of 8-11-2021:  Man hour $95.00; man and machine hour $125.00

Correct “end float” (forward and back movement of the cylinder)………………….$65.00 to $125.00 depending on the revolver.


Complete action job on double and single action revolvers which includes honing and lightening the action, cutting a 60 degree crown, polishing, numbering and beveling the chambers, cutting the forcing cone to 11 degrees and other work………………….$285.00.

Free spin pawl installed……….$85.00

Front sight work such as dovetail sights, silver soldered, pinned, Weigand and many others…….$125.00+

Cut dovetail for front sight…….$65.00.

Bob revolver hammer $95.00.

Convert square butt to round$225.00.

Changing barrels such as on a single action, S&W, or others starts at $145.00+ and runs up quickly depending on the revolver. Price is for labor only.

Set barrel back to close gap and recut forcing cone to correct specifications…..$185.00 for one turn, $295.00 for two turns and $395.00 for three turns.

Fit, finish and polish Ron Power Keith #5 grip frame………$475.00. The Keith #5 grip frame costs around $300 for the raw handle. 

Engraving and Exotic Custom Revolver Work

Custom revolver work includes just about anything you can dream up which could be an Elmer Keith #5 grip installed on a Ruger Blackhawk, Alpha Precision interchangeable blade front sights, grip conversion, Bowen adjustable Rough Country rear sights, special barrels, Bisley hammers on Blackhawks or Vaqueros, color case, carbona blue or other special finishes, special length barrels, custom fitted and carved exotic wood or ivory grips, lanyard rings, and of course just about any style engraving you would like. A few prices are listed below, but most of this work is “one of a kind” and will be priced accordingly.

1. Keith #5 grip installed on a Blackhawk………………………………….$385
2. Alpha Precision front sight with interchangeable blades…………………..$225 No longer avalable.
3. Power Ruger Bisley hammer and trigger with half cock installed…………….$198                                                             4. Convert S&W square butt revolver grip to round butt grip………………….$185.00 (Does not include bluing or new grips on a carbon steel revolver).  
4. Elephant Ivory grips………………………………….$750+
5. Engraving with 75% coverage without scenes or images……………………..$1,800+

Colt Python Barrels Installed on S&W Medium Frame (K & L) Revolvers and Ruger Security Six


Gunsmiths used to perform this conversion when it was believed the Python barrels were the most accurate barrels ever made.  Not many gunsmiths do this conversion due to the short supply and expense of Python barrels  however, I still do this work a few times a year.  The conversion includes rethreading the Python barrel, single ball yoke détente front lockup, milling out the Python barrel ejector rod slot, setting the gap, cutting the forcing cone to 11 degrees, refreshing the crown and test fire for proper function.  If you furnish the barrel with a front sight the cost is $495.00.  If I have to furnish the front sight the cost will be $535.00.

I can also do this work on the Ruger Security Six and others with the same frame. They do present a few extra problems with installation of the front ball lockup so without a solid front lockup shooting full load .357 rounds could cause problems.  The price is the same as for S&W…$495.00 if you furnish the barrel with a sight.

Python barrels are priced all over the place, but you can expect to pay $250.00 and up for a new or even used barrel.  If you buy an eight inch or other length and I have to cut it down to a shorter length you can add anywhere from $250.00 and up for labor.  The 3″ Python pictured below was originally an 8″ I shortened to 3″ and added a custom dual pinned front sight for $550.00.  (This 3″ beauty is shown unfinished and ready for engraving.) 



The following photos of a Colt Python barrel installed on a S&W 15-4.  The job included cutting the front portion of the barrel to 4 3/4″ and turning a new barrel extension and threads which is the expensive way to go.  The job also included milling a new ejector rod slot in the lower rib, installing a long tang rear sight, blending the top rib to be flush with the top of the long tang sight, straighten the ejector rod, installing a front ball détente in the yoke and a complete polish, dent removal and blue.  The total cost of this job for a customer in New York was $925.00, but the price could be higher today.  Other jobs below range up to $995.00 depending on other work involved.




Restoration work is very expensive when pit removal and polishing is required. Simple work such as removing old finish and glass beading the metal usually runs around $185.00, but complete restoration such as on an old Colt 1st generation single action with charcoal blue and color case hardening will cost $2,200.00+.


Conversion = $175.00 with three clips; Extra clips = $80.00 per ten

These conversions to moon clips are different from the basic moon clip alteration made by Smith & Wesson and others over the last one hundred years. Old style moon clips used to have the entire rear of the faced off so the revolver had to be used with moon clips only and could not be loaded one cartridge at a time. The old style alteration was also limited to cartridges such as 45 ACP with a wide extractor groove whereby the moon clip itself had to be around .040″ thick. Tom Kilhoffer of TK Custom has come up with an EDM made, full moon clip that can be used with most rimmed cartridges with an extractor groove under the rim of less that .023″. You can now use use fast loading moon clips with everything from rimed 38 special and 357 Magnum, 41 magnum, 44 Special and 44 magnum, and many others including 5, 7 and 8 shot cylinders.

The one thing making these conversions unique is you have the option of loading with moon clips or loading cartridges one at a time just as you do now. When the moon clips are recessed into the cylinder the rim of the cartridge still rests on the outer edge of the original chamber. It is the best of both worlds. One disadvantage is, the thin moon clip does not hold the cartridges as tight as the old, thicker clips so it takes a little wiggling to get them into the cylinder, but it is still six times faster than loading one cartridge at a time.

Just a few of the revolvers which can be machined for TK moon clips are as follows:

Smith & Wesson J frame 5 shot, K frame six shot, L Frame models 581, 681,586, and 686, “N” frame models 27-28, 57-657, 29, 629, and 625 Colt.

Colt Trooper and Colt Python.

Colt Anaconda.

Taurus model 608 eight shot 38/357 and others.

Ruger models SP-101 and GP 100, Redhawk and Super Redhawk chambered in 44 Magnum, 45 Colt, 454 Casull, and 480.

.454 Casull/45 Colt revolvers can be cut for moon clips and you can also use a special thick cut clip which will allow you to shoot 45 ACP. See ***SPECIAL NOTE below.

Call for other revolvers, but  many revolvers can be cut for moons these days, (210-494-3063).

***SPECIAL NOTE: If you have a 45 COLT double action revolver and cut it for moon clips you will also be able to load 45 ACP by using a special extra thick moon clip. However, there is a safety factor that could come into play when the bullet from the short ACP round must jump to the throat of the Long Colt chamber.

ALL CONVERSIONS ARE $185.00 PLUS $23.00 SHIPPING AND includes THREE MOON CLIPS. All you need to send is the cylinder with extractor rod and not the complete gun which saves considerable money on shipping. Extra clips are available and normally run $80.00 per 10, but some clips such as for the Colt Trooper and Python, seven round, etc. cost $85.00 per 10 because they are difficult to make and demand is low.  We now have thin clips for Winchester and other small extractor groove cases.  Three standard clips come with each conversion.  Turn around time is around two weeks or less.


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