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Two, Rare, Completely Restored Colt 1st Generation Hammers

These two, next to impossible to find, 1st generation hammers have been completely restored with new notches and bolt cam.  The color case hardening has been expertly done by Doug Turnbull of Turnbull Restorations and looks exactly like the colors in the original Colt case hardening.  The checkering on the hammer is excellent and done in the classic, original bordered Colt style with hint of red and a horizontal line just below the forward portion of the checkering.  If you are completing a full restoration of a Colt Black Powder single action six-gun these hammers will fit your needs perfectly.  $575.00 apiece


9 X 23 Primed Winchester Brass  SOLD!

300 cases of new 9 X 23 primed Winchester Brass for sale for $54.00 plus shipping.


Antique X-Ring Bullet Trap

 Here is a very unique bullet trap from the 1950’s or before that would be a really nice item for those of you who are snowed and iced in due to global warming and would like to set up a mini shooting range in your basement.  The following description of this X-Ring bullet trap is written in the words of an old Numrich Arms Co. magazine ad:

A Complete Lighted Range Instantly

“Set up X-Ring in your amusement room, basement or attic.  ONLY BACKSTOP equipped with the famous Centrifugal Trap that fives positive freedom fro dangerous back spatter and has a heavy wall of metal between shooter and point of bullet disintegration.  It is portable and disassembles in two minutes.  It is recommended  for all caliber pistols and rifles using cartridges up to 600 foot lbs. muzzle energy.  The X-Ring illustrated below is the 12″ pedestal model.”

This snail style trap Has a place to install lights on either side and has a bracket holding a clip to hang your target.  It will take handgun cartridges up to, but not including 44 mag so you need to check the muzzle energy of your cartridge to be sure it is under 600 pounds.

The way it works is the same as today’s modern snail traps in that the bullet enters the square funnel, passes through a small opening at the rear of the funnel and enters the snail structure where it spins until all energy is expended and the  bullet falls harmlessly out the bottom into a bucket or on the ground.  It is pretty much a fool proof system that is still used today by Savage Range Systems.

CONDITION: Used, but all parts are in excellent shape with lots of bullet tracks in the cone.   It sat in a dry basement in Utah for well over 60 years where it was well protected from the weather.

$695.00 plus crating and UPS shipping for 70 pounds.  I have two traps for sale

Genuine, Original, Unused Colt Factory Grips for the Model 1903 and 1908 Pistols


   These original, unused silver medallion grips are the rarest of the rare and were created by the old Colt custom shop for the beautiful model 1903 and 1908 pistols. The screw is included.  I have just three checkered full checkered Walnut grips left at –$225.00 apiece; Checkered Fleur De Lis – $250.00;    All 1903 grips have been sold and there will be no more.




New, Quality Ammunition For Sale

In order to get better prices on ammunition we have to order in bulk so we end up with more ammunition than we can use in the shop and sell off the excess.   Quantities are very limited, but here is what we have in stock at this time:

Black Hills 9mm, 124 grain jacketed hollow point………$10.00/box of 20.

Winchester 9 X 23, 125 grain Silvertip hollow point……$45.00/box of 50.

Black Hills 38-40, 180 grain flat point lead………………..$75.00/box of 50.  SOLD!

Black Hills 45-70, 405 grain flat point lead………………..$50/box of 20.

Black Hills 44 Special, 210 grain flat point lead………….$38.00/box of 50.  SOLD!

Remington 45 Colt, 250 grain round nose lead…………..$50.00/box of 50.

Aguila Super Extra match grade Eley primed 22 Long Rifle$50.00/brick of 500. 


38-40 Black Hills Ammunition

I have ten boxes of fresh Black Hills 38-40 ammunition for sale which is left over from a full case we bought for testing.  The cartridges are loaded with 180 grain Flat Point lead bullets suitable for using in revolvers and lever action rifles.

$45.00 per box of 50 plus shipping. Supply very limited!  SOLD!






Blank Cartridge Machine Gun Bandoleer

Here is something real interesting to hang in your gun room: a caliber .308, fired, blank cartridge belt.  Someone long ago took the time to link up about 200 rounds of fired blank cartridges.  Machine gun blanks such as these were used in combat training, movies, teaching and other areas.  I have had these for over 40 years and decided to sell them so someone younger can enjoy them…$145.00 plus shipping.



Winchester .264 Magnum Model 70 Barrel

Found this unique Winchester 264 Winchester Magnum Featherweight Model 70 barrel in a pile of barrels I have removed from various rifles over the years.  This barrel looks good with a bright, excellent bore.  The flip up rear sight is in place and working as it should, but the front sight is missing from the ramp.  There is slight wear in the bluing at the muzzle and some extremely light rust in a couple of places, but nothing that would detract from the looks.  If you are looking for a replacement barrel for a somewhat rare Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .264 mag. this is for you…$150.00 plus shipping.


Two Sets Of Double Diamond Checkered 1911 Grips

Two sets of double diamond checkered grips: one set cut from Bubinga wood…$40.00, and one set cut from Nicaraguan Cocobolo…$55.00.
The Officers Model grips on the left are Bubinga ($40.00) (SOLD) and the Officers Model grips on the right are Nicaraguan Cocobolo. They are for Officers Model frames with a shortened grip…… ($55.00).


CZ-65 Dark Rosewood

CZ-65 dark Rosewood full checkered grips, were $65.00… NOW $55.00.


Flip-up, Custom Made, Steel Sights

Flip-up, custom made, steel sights. I made these dovetail sights back in the early 1980′s as a simple flip up sight for use on either a rifle or hunting revolver. The blade has two settings: the first is an uncut blade so you can cut the style of notch you prefer; the second is a deep “U” for fast acquisition in changing or dark situations (using these excellent sights with a gold bead, white dot or Tritium front is a fine sighting system for quick aquisition and old eyes). These sights are shown “in the white” but will be soft glass beaded and blued…$25.00 apiece or five for $100.00. Shipping is extra.


Miscellaneous Grips For Colts

Colt “D”

Colt “D” frame factory grip with gold Colt medallion…$25.00 plus shipping.


Colt “I”

Colt “I” frame factory grip. This is a new “take-off” grip..$15.00 plus shipping.



Sling Swivel Studs

Sling swivel studs: The three in the white (there are actually five) machined from solid bar stock with high top head screws that can be cut flush or domed are for mounting in a butt stock for a sleek custom look. They will accept Michaels and other quick release sling swivels and will not allow the swivels to touch and mar the wood. Brownells sells these for $30.00, but I will sell them for $20.00 apiece.
**One single barrel band swivel stud pictured has a .650″ inside diameter and retails for $55.00, but your cost on this one is $35.00.
**Two blue single barrel band swivel studs have a .780″ and .850″ inside diameter. They retail for $55.00…$30.00 apiece.

There is only one “Michaels” sling swivel studs” left!

Metalform and Tripp Research Mags

Metalform and Tripp Research Cobra magazines are the finest made by any manufacturer anywhere for the model 1911. They have welded bases which gives them great strength and durability in abusive conditions. They also have a welded, no wobble, all steel follower (no plastic followers that break down in a short time.) which gives positive slide lock contact and excellent feeding of the last round. As soon as you see your first Metalform or Cobra magazine you will quickly see why they are the best. They are also the best value for your money of any magazine ever made for the model 1911…$29.00 apiece plus $7.00 shipping. Cobra Mags start at $43.00.



NOTE: (Calibers listed below are all we have!) Most brass is once fired factory brass used to test customer guns here in our shop. Call for availability.

45 ACP @ 7 cents per case$7.00 per 100 – $30.00 per 500.

9mm (several thousand cases @ 5 cents per case)

38 Special (2,900 Cases @ 7 cents per case)

45 Colt @ 8 Cents per case

All of the cases were fired here in our shop and used to test various pistols and revolvers. This brass is once fired, mixed head stamp, but all quality stuff. Most, 99%, are in perfect condition and only need cleaning (polishing), depriming, sizing, and normal preparation for loading. A few pieces may have some dings and small dents, but all of that will come out in the resizing stage. These prices are about 25% below current market (most @ 7Cents per case.)..$35.00 per 500 or $65.00 per 1,000 unless otherwise noted. (Sold in lots of 500 only) (UPS shipping is extra.)


Tripp Research, STI/Caspian Compensated IPSC pistol

Ten-Ring Precision, Tripp Research, STI/Caspian compensated IPSC pistol (Serial #SS957) (5248) in 38 Super Clark match barrel, fitted Caspian slide, Weigand 30mm scope mount, wide ambidextrous safety, extended slide stop, extended magazine release, full length recoil spring guide, large magwell, Brown hammer, four high Capacity magazines and TR Gun Kote finish. The trigger is excellent and the rest of the pistol has all the bells and whistles.

This pistol has had no more than 20 rounds fired through so I would class it as in “new” condition and ready to run for the excellent price of $2,500.00.


Python Grips
One set of new “take-off” grips made by Pachmeyer for the Smith & Wesson large “N” frame revolver…$10.00 per grip plus shipping.


 Metalform Magazines

These magazines are the finest made by any manufacturer anywhere for the model 1911. They have welded bases which gives them great strength and durability in abusive conditions. They also have a welded, no wobble, all steel follower (no plastic followers that break down in a short time.) which gives positive slide lock contact and excellent feeding of the last round. As soon as you see your first Metalform you will quickly see why they are the best. They are also the best value for your money of any magazine ever made for the model 1911…$29.00 apiece plus $7.00 shipping.




Rare Peters Cartridge Co. Advertisement Print 

Framed Peters Cartridge Co. Advertisement– This is a beautifully preserved Phillip Goodwin, Peters Cartridge Co. advertising poster in a gilt frame measuring 17 1/2″ X 22 1/2″ painted by famous American artist Phillip Goodwin (1882 – 1935) who was an American painter who created illustrations for Collier’s Weekly, Everybody’s Magazine, Outdoor Life, and McClure’s Magazine as well as covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Goodwin’s work is recognized in many museums such as the American Museum Of Natural History, the Brandywine River Museum, the National Cowboy Hall Of Fame, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the National Museum Of Wildlife Art.

CONDITION: The poster is preserved in a sealed museum frame and the colors remain vivid behind clear glass…$499.00.


19th century miniature canon for salute and noise-making purposes. The tube is cast brass, hand stamped “C. F. Jones, Omaha“, marked on the right side of the breech is “Colombia, 1893.” The tube measures approximately 11 3/4″ and is of heavy construction with an iron mounted latch and breech swivels up to accept a 12 ga. blank shell. The noisemaker is fired by lanyard pull, with a trip-trigger and hammer type a arrangement. The wheels and carriage are case-iron.

Condition: Very good to excellent! These old cannons used “black powder only.” They are meant to be sand-bagged when shooting. This rare, beautiful little curiosity will make a beautiful floor piece in your arms room, but could be made to make a lot of noise on the 4th of July if the proper black powder shells and safety precautions are used. This fine canon is from the famous Robert Peterson collection and carries an estimated value of $1,800.00…$1,500.00.