NOTE: (Calibers listed below are all we have!)

45 ACP @ 5 cents per case – $5.00 per 100 – $25.00 per 500. SOLD!

9mm (several thousand cases @ 5 cents per case)

38 Special (2,900 Cases @ 7 cents per case)

All of the cases were fired here in our shop and used to test various pistols and revolvers. This brass is once fired, mixed head stamp, but all quality stuff. Most, 99%, are in perfect condition and only need cleaning (polishing), depriming, sizing, and normal preparation for loading. A few pieces may have some dings and small dents, but all of that will come out in the resizing stage. These prices are about 25% below current market (most @ 7Cents per case.)..$35.00 per 500 or $65.00 per 1,000 unless otherwise noted. (Sold in lots of 500 only) (UPS shipping is extra.)

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