“Dances With Wolves” Shiloh Sharps Rifle

Documented, custom Cased Shiloh Sharps Saddle Ring Carbine With Special Serial Number Range Used In The Movie, “Dances With Wolves”!

Serial number USC 014, 45-70 cal,. 22 1/2″ round bbl,. blue case-hardened finish, walnut stock.  This Shiloh Sharps carbine is one of only 26 manufactured in a special run and serialized in a special range having a “USC” prefix.  The carbines were made for R.L. Curtin who originally had them created to be issued by soldiers particitpating in Mr. Curtin’s Cavalry Boot Camps and Indian Wars reenactments along the Stillwater River Country of South Central Montana.  The “USC” prefix stands for Upper Stillwater Cavalry.  The carbines were made for Mr. Curtin by Wolfgang Droge the owner, operator of Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Co., Inc in and around 1987.  The carbines were later leased to the production of the movie “Dances With Wolves” starring Kevin Costner.  Mr. Curtin’s army wagons and mule teams were also used in the movie. Mr. Curtin was hired as a wrangler and drove the wagons where he and his teams appeared in several scenes in the movie, with Curtin sometimes doubling for actor Tobert Pasterelli driving wagons.  Behind the scenes Curtin worked as the horse wrangler for the movie crew and at times was the handler of Kevin Sostner’s horse.  Mr. Curtin’s name appears in the credits of the movie and he still receives residuals from the production company.  One of the carbines was lost in a river during a scene in the movie and a replacement was made by Wolfgang (USC26).  The carbines were also used in the movie “The Morning Star” and in the re-enactment of Custer’s Last Stand.  Mr. Curtin is a former Marine, actor, wrangler, hunter, outfitter, stagecoach driver, farmer and farier.  His expertise in the activities of the  frontier Army is very extensive.  Wolfgang Droge also built three rifles for Tom Selleck to be used in the movie “Quigley Down Under.”  Included in this package is a black leather Cavalry carbine belt, a small picture book with scenes from the movie and  a photograph of Curtin with the carbine and belt, newpaper articles about Curtin’s involvemtent in the movie, a notarized letter from Curtin, two pamphlets from the upper Stillwater Cavalry Camp, two pay stubs from the production company, the illustrated Story of “Dances With Wolves” and of course the DVD.  The carbine has the boxed “Old Reliable” marking on the top of the barrel, as well as “SHILOH RIFLE MFG, CO,”ahead of th rear sight and “CALIBER 45/2 1/10” at the breech.  The two line Big Timber address is marked on the left side of the frame and the serial number “USC/014” on the upper tamg.  Sights are a blade front with a folding ladder carbine rear sight.  There is a saddle ring and bar on the left wrist. The barrel is blued and the remaining parts are color casehardened. The forearm is smooth walnut as is the straight grip stock.  This noteable, historic rifle comes complete in a custom wooden case with brass hardware.

CONDITIONExcellent!  The barrel retains 95% original blue finish with some thinning on the muzzle end.  With the exception of the buttplate, the remainging parts retain 98% original case colors and the buttplate retains most of the original case colors on the tang with, a smooth gray patina on the balance.  The wood is very good with some scattered minor dents and scratches.  All markings are crisp.  The action is excellent.  This is a well documented special run and serialized Shiloh Sharps used in the epic movie “Dances With Wolves” and would be a focal point of any Sharps rifle collection plus this fine rifle was the personal rifle of R. L Curtin and is the only one cased in a custom, wood French fit case! 

Estimated value has been placed at $9,000 by two auction houses and several collectors at….$8,495.00 including three 20 round boxes of Black Hill ammunition.