Antique Revolvers and Pistols

Factory Engraved Belgian Browning Renaissance High Power Semi-Automatic Pistol

(236P) Serial #75C29826, 9mm para Cal., 4 5/8″ round barrel,. satin nickel finish, walnut grips.  Manufactured in 1975 with blade and notch sights, standard markings and Belgian proofs, and near full coverage fine leafy scroll engraving on the slide and receiver.  With custom hardwood display case.

CONDITION:  Excellent overall with 99% original satin nickel finish remaining with a few light handling marks and some small dings on the grips.  Mechanically excellent.  The case is very good with some dings and small scratches on the exterior.  $4,650.00

Cased Factory Engraved Belgian Browning Louis XIV High Power Semi-Automatic Pistol

(237P) Serial #245PY01119, 9mm para cal., 4 5/8″ round barrel. satin nickel finish, walnut grips.  Standard markings and features with a walnut display case with a French fit red velvet interior.

CONDITION: Excellent, 99% plus original finish remains with some light surface scratches and handling marks, mostly on the grip straps.  The grips are very good with some wear along the edges, small dings, and crisp checkering.  Mechanically excellent.  The case is good with numerous dins and dents on the exterior.  $3,800.00



A Rare Find – Smith & Wesson Model 41 Semiautomatic Pistol With Three Extra Barrels

(235P) Serial # A597017, 22 LR Cal, 7″ slab sided barrel, blue finish,  walnut grips.  Introduced in 1957. Standard markings and features with a Doskocil hard case with three extra barrels and two extra magazines.  Extra Barrels all feature Partridge blade front and fully adjustable rear notch sights.  The barrels measure 7″, 5 1/2″, and 5″ with the custom 5″ on the gun.  The custom 5″ barrel has lightening cuts milled on both sides where the standard factory markings would be.  

CONDITION: Excellent overall with 99% original, polished blue finish  remaining with a few light handling marks, and sharp checkering on the grips.  This beautiful, rare set is mechanically excellent and all barrels have excellent, mint bores.  The custom work on the barrels was accomplished by a master pistolsmith.  The barrels were cut short and the front sight replaced and expertly fastened to the barrel. The lightening cuts to the one barrel were cut with style and are perfectly parallel to the center line of the barrel. The plastic, padded case is very good with scuffs and storage marks.  We priced out the replacement value of this beautiful set at $3200.00 and with the expert custom work at more than $3,800.00.  This fine, rare set can be yours for $2,995.00 plus shipping. 





Colt Model 1908, 380 Pocket Hammerless Semi-Automatic Pistol


(217P) Serial #96841, .380 ACP cal., 3 3/4″ round bbl., blue finish, checkered walnut grips.  Manufactured in 1929. Standard factory fixed sights on the slide with the two-line address and patent markings on the left side of the slide.  The Rampant Colt is behind the cocking serrations and “COLT AUTOMATIC/CALIBRE .380 HAMMERLESS” on the reverse. Marked #1/VP” and “91” on the trigger guard, with a pair of silver finished medallions on the checkered grips.

CONDITIONExcellent, hard to find in this condition, with 95% plus original blue finish.  Showing some small areas of light edge wear and light handling marks.  The grips are also excellent with sharp checkering and light handling marks.  This beauty is mechanically excellent and has a bright, excellent bore and excellent, original two tone magazine.  We p

SELL:  $1,995.00  SOLD!

Nickel Plated Colt Model 1908, 380 Pocket Hammerless Semi-Automatic Pistol With New Rare Elephant Ivory Grips

(216P) Serial #82222, .380 cal., 3 3/4″ bbl.,nickel finish, mother of pearl grips.  Manufactured in 1927.  The slide has a two line address/patent marking with the Ramppant Colt behind the serrations on the left side and the two line caliber marking on the right side.   The trigger guard has the Colt “VP” proof, “3” and “48” Nickel plated Colt marked magazine and fitted with non-factory pearl grips.

CONDITION: Very fine as in close to restored, new condition with 100% new restored nickel finish plated by the finest plating business in the firearms business today.    The beautiful silver medallion Colt factory replacement grips are new and compliment this ultra fine 1908 with the right grip showing a center line of pre ban Elephant ivory bark.  The original factory barrel was bulged in two places and has been replaced with a new, beautiful nickel plated barrel.  This rare 1908 is in mechanically excellent condition and functions smoothly with an excellent trigger pull.  If you would love to own a fully restored Colt model 1908 this fine example of Colt magnificence born in 1927, the days of Colt’s glory days will make the most discriminating collector/shooter’s heart pound with joy.  The cost is high, but restoration work done to bring these close to 100 year old pistols up to honor their former glory is expensive and will be greatly appreciated by the sophisticated shooter/investor.  I carry one of these fine pistols with pride!

SELL: $3,295.00

Colt Model 1903 32 Cal. Pocket Pistol


 Excellant: Colt Model 1903 Hammerless Semi Automatic Pocket PistolSerial #131477 in 32 ACP cal, 3 3/4″ round barrel, blue finish, and hard rubber grips. It was manufactured in 1912, the left side of the slide is marked with the early two block marking “PATENTED/ APR, 20, 1897, DEC. 22, 1903” and “COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG. CO. / HARTFORD, CT. U.S.A.” with the circled Rampant Colt behind the slide serrations. The right side of the slide is marked, “COLT AUTOMATIC / CALIBRE 32 RIMLESS SMOKELESS“. Fixed sights, high polished blue slide and frame, blue barrel, blue magazine marked “CAL. 32 COLT” and fitted with checkered hard rubber grips with “COLT” banner at the top and the Rampant Colt and stylistic “C” on the bottom.

CONDITION: NRA Excellent! The pistol retains 97% of the original finish with high edge wear, some thinning and wear on the barrel and speckled minor flaking on the grip straps. The trigger shows some wear from normal usage. The grips are also excellent with light handling marks and crisp checkering. The markings remain crisp and clear and the action is excellent…$1,487.00


Colt MKI IV/Series 70 Government Model

(74P) This exquisite piece in 45 ACP, with serial #70G94913 is not only “state of the engravers art”, but a pistol that was made in 1976 when Colt was turning out quality firearms made by dedicated machinists and finishersThe extremely rare grips are petrified Mastodon bark ivory created by world famous scrimshaw artist Sandra Brady.  The 80% deep relief engraving was perfectly executed by master engraver Terry Theis of Harper, Texas.  The beautiful antique nickel finish is by Reliable Plating in Chartley, MA, and is a true “gold standard” finish.  This fine Colt model 1911 would be the focal point of any sophisticated Colt collection.

CONDITION:  Excellent as in new and unfired.  The original box has been lost, but it really does not matter since a pistol this unique belongs in a custom case.  The Mastodon grips are also new with this being the first time they have been on a pistol.



Custom, Engraved, 3″ Barrel, Colt Python


(192P) Serial #E55004 manufactured in 1973 in .357 magnum with 80% deep relief engraving, antique nickel finish and Colt gold medallion service grips.  This is a custom Python created by cutting an 8″ Python barrel from the rear and cutting and threading a new barrel extension.  I made a new front sight by milling a slot and installing a custom, serrated ramped front sight with two pins holding it in place to make it look as a factory front sight.  I also performed a complete, honed, action job and tightened the action to precision bank vault standards.  The grips are Colt factory “new service” full checkered with rare, gold Colt medallions and have never been on a gun.  The exquisite, deep relief engraving is magnificently accomplished by master engraver Gary Richards in San Antonio, Texas.  The finish is “state of the art” antique nickel by Reliable Plating.  If you would like to have a “one of a kind” Colt Python created in the 45 years experienced Ten-Ring Precision shop by Alex Hamilton, this is one you will cherish for decades.

NOTE:  This extraordinary, rare Colt Python has now (10-08-2015) been fitted with a set of gold medallion Mother of Pearl factory grips.

Condition: Excellent, like new, with a superb action, exquisite deep relief engraving, new Colt gold medallion service grips and a custom 3″ barrel created from an 8″ Colt Python barrel.  A custom  box is available if you would like to show this magnificent Colt “snake” as a centerpiece of your collection.



United States Firearms Last Single Action 

(175P) Serial #25804, caliber 45 Colt,5 1/2″ barrel, beautiful custom grips with an Ivory star inlayed in to each exhibition grade walnut grip, antique nickel plating and engraving by Terry Theis of Harper, Texas.  When USFA went out of business because of poor management there were a few guns left over to be sold.  I sold most of the last single actions as I was USFA’s biggest retailer and received the bulk of the final guns.  When those were all gone I had enough of USFA’s superb high quality parts to build one last single action and that is what you see here.  I didn’t want to sell a plain old single action so I set out to build an extraordinary six-gun.  This beautiful piece is elaborately, 75%, engraved by master engraver Terry Theis. The one piece Custom grips by Paul Persinger of El Paso, Texas are gorgeous exhibition grade American Black Walnut with three dimensional Texas stars inlayed on both the left and right panels.  The finish is antique nickel plating which I believe is one of the most beautiful finishes on an engraved revolver or pistol. 

CONDITION: New, unfired.  If you like I can have a beautiful case built by Les Yoder at Brookfield Cases so you can watch your friends swoon when you open the lid and their eyes dance on this final USFA masterpiece.


Custom, Engraved Remington 1911 A1

(178P) Serial #RHN59362A, 45 ACP caliber, standard 5″ barrel, 75% exquisite engraving by Terry Theis of Harper, Texas, and Mastodon grips.  

This is one of the first truly high quality model 1911’s to come out of the Remington factory since WWII.  I have done considerable custom work such as blend the rear of the slide to the frame, install a Brown grip safety, Dick Heinie low mounted sights, Ed Brown hammer, match trigger, 4 1/2 pound trigger job, match bushing, Ed Brown thumb safety, Brown ejector and ramp and throat work for flawless feeding.  However, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is the beautiful scroll engraving by master engraver Terry Theis of Harper, Texas and the rare Mastodon Ivory grips by world famous scrimshaw artist Sandra Brady.  As you can see the quality of art-work and custom mechanical work are the best of the best.  This fine pistol would make a fine addition to any custom firearm collection.

CONDITION:  Factory new, unfired.



Colt Python With Colt Gold Medallion Mother of Pearl Service Grips

(199P) Serial #V84227, caliber .357 magnum, 4″ full lug barrel, with 75% scroll engraving by master engraver Weldon Lister of Boerne, Texas.  This is a magnificent, cased Colt Python would highlight and be the centerpiece of any fine Colt collection.  The antique nickel plating is flawless and was also expertly executed by Mr Lister.  The case is genuine Colt factory with a “rare” two inch oval Colt medallion inlayed into the center of the top and the word “Colt” cut into the lower right corner.  The interior holds the Python perfectly nested in  breath taking “sea blue” velvet.  The bottom right corner of the interior has a wood insert holding six .357 Magnum cartridges. 

CONDITION:  This fine, rare Python is in excellent condition and mechanically perfect. The beautiful walnut case is new and in excellent condition with a rare Colt medallion expertly imbedded in the top.



Colt 1903 Engraved General Officers Pistol

(181P) Serial #246054caliber 32 ACP made by Colt in 1917This is a magnificent piece made during Colts golden era of quality and innovation and is exquisitely, deep relief engraved 85% by master firearms engraver Jere Davidson. It is plated in rare, tough “antique nickel”  which brings out the contrast between the background and foreground.  Any art and firearms aficionado would instantly see the quality of art embodied in this fine pistol.  The factory, full checkered solid Ivory grips with original old Colt grip medallions are a pleasure to view and hold.  The Nitre blue safety, trigger, grip screw, magazine catch and firing pin retaining pin are nice polished and accentuate the quality of this fine General Officers pistol which dates back to WWI.

CONDITIONExcellent and appears to be either unfired or fired very little. The bore is bright and excellent.  The full checkered elephant ivory grips show no marks of wear or flattening.  This Colt 1903 would be a focus point of any Colt collection and is in fully usable, functional condition.



Engraved, Antique Nickel Plated Series 70 Colt Commander

(198P) Serial #70SC7396, 45 ACP made by Colt in 1972, engraved by master engraver Weldon Lister of Boerne, Texas, fitted with Colt factory Ivory grip with Colt medallions, antique nickel plated by famous Reliable Electroplate in Chartley, Ma. and custom cased by master wood craftsman Les Yoder of Brookfield Cases.  The walnut case has a rare Colt Custom medallion inlayed in the top.  This is a stunning 45 imbedded in blue velvet with a six round cartridge block and extra magazine slot.  The beautiful package would be an extraordinary addition to any Colt collection or just pridefully sitting on a living room coffee table.

Condition: Excellent, both mechanically and aesthetically.






 New Kahr P9 Pistol

(6264) This Kahr P9 9mm pistol serial #EA711 is unfired and new in the box with Tritium night sights and two seven round mags.  The Kahr P9 is one of my favorite pistols for carrying concealed or in the field in a nice leather holster.  Loaded with Federal or Black Hills hollow point ammunition it makes a perfect carry pistol if you like to carry like I do with the pistol stuffed between you and your pants belt.  It is also an excellent choice for a lady to carry in her purse.  The top of the pistol is stainless steel and the bottom is hard, durable, tough polymer.  Kahr pistols are very difficult to find in this wild firearms market.  I wrote a magazine article on this pistol years ago and am now putting it up for sale.  This one is for sale for…$625.00 plus shipping.




Colt, early production, Model 1903 Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol

(P102) Colt, early production, Model 1903 Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol – Serial #41764, 32 ACP cal., 3 3/4″ round bbl., carbona blue finish and original factory custom shop walnut grips. This rare and stunning Colt was Manufactured in 1906 with standard fixed sights, two line, two block address and patent marking (1897 and 1903) on the left side of the barrel bushing and slide.  The circled Rampant Colt rares behind the serrations and “AUTOMATIC COLT/CALIBRE 32 RIMLESS SMOKELESS” is rolled on the right side. The upper left front of the trigger guard bow is marked with the Colt triangle “VP” proof. Blue “CAL, .32 Colt” marked magazine and fitted with checkered hard rubber grips with “COLT” ribbons at the top and the circled Rampant Colt on the bottom.

CONDITION: NRA new as refinished to original factory standard in my shop! Most markings are as clear and sharp as the day this beauty left the Colt factory but a couple of letters are a little light. The trigger, safety, recoil spring plug and pins are striking, brilliant Nitre blue. The Walnut custom shop grips are as new as they were when they left the Colt factory and are complete with silver medallion. The smooth, 100 year old action is excellent and has been test fired in our shop for function using hollow point ammunition….$1,795.00.






Colt Mfg. Model 1911 Military

(5411) Colt Mfg. Model 1911 Military#371736 early manufacturer with commercial blue finish. The right side of the slide has “MODEL OF 1911 U. S. ARMY” in sharp, clear letters. The left side of the slide has the standard two line patent marks also in clear, sharp lettering. The left side of the frame has, “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” clearly rolled.

This appears to be an early model made around 1918. It has not been arsenal refinished since all pistols after 1918 were refinished with phosphate (Parkerizing) finished by the government armorers.

Condition: The finish and overall condition are NRA very good to excellent or 90% to 95% with very slight wear marks to the bluing in the regular places. The barrel appears excellent as do all the small parts such as pins, safety, slide stop and screws. The magazine is the original style, but appears to have been refinished because the bluing is showing the old two part finish. The rear sight is the typical “U” notch and the double diamond, checkered Walnut grips show considerable handling and storage wear wear. The top of the slide has a small longitudinal wear line in the matte finish on top where it was drawn in and out of a holster. All internal parts are original and in mint condition. The flame inspectors mark behind the trigger on the left side is in clear, sharp condition. Fjestad Blue Book value and current auctions hammer prices show this pistol to be valued at   $6,000$4,800.00.




Serial #01255NF (5301) Colt New Frontier 3rd Generation Flattop Target Model in 45 Colt caliber. This beauty is new and unfired new in the box with a 7 1/2″ barrel, walnut grips with gold Colt medallion, bright color cased frame and loading gate, polished hammer, and blue barrel and grip. I am not sure of the date of manufacture. The original box is with this single action, but the “description end” is missing and the over all condition of the box is NRA “poor”. There are some light scratches around the cylinder from the cylinder being rotated incorrectly, but they are light and do not subtract from the appearance. The Colt Frontier six-guns are excellent shooters and highly desirable…$1,695.00


Fine, rare Colt Detective


Colt Third Generation

(5137) Colt third generation serial number”SA61729” (Delivered by Colt in 1972.) in 44 Special with a 5 1/2″ barrel.

This exquisite piece, as you can see, is very special with 90% engraving executed and signed by nationally acclaimed engraver Weldon Lister of Boerne, Texas in a style reminiscent of Nimschke/Helfricht made famous by Colt in the late 1800′s. The hammer is engraved on both sides with the great American Eagle and the front sight has a sunburst pattern. Weldon finished this magnificent piece in antique nickel with the background inked in to make the beautiful scroll appear to stand high. The high polished screws are Nitre blued for stunning contrast. The perfectly fitted one piece American Black Walnut grips with exceptional figure and grain were created by another nationally acclaimed artist, Paul Persinger of El Paso, Texas. Paul also inlayed a magnificent Elephant Ivory three dimensional Texas star into both grips. The unfired action has had some work and is smooth and light. The beautiful custom French fitted case was created specifically for this fine piece by Les Yoder of Brookfield cases. Additionally, this beautiful single action is featured in the latest book “American Custom Engravers” which went on sale January 2011. You can add this fine example of gun makers, engravers, grip maker and case maker art to your collection for…$5,800.00 The cost to reproduce this Colt complete with French fitted case would be $6,500.00

A valuable extra feature connected to this fine single action is all about the engraver, Weldon Lister, who is featured in an article in the August 2010 issue of Texas Monthly magazine. Texas Monthly is the most widely read monthly magazines in the United States with a readership of close to five million.



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