Ruger Mark I, II &III (Govt. Model) Rimfire .22 Accuracy

Ruger Mark II, S&W Model 41 & Others


Ruger Mark I, II, III

(Suggested work on your pistol.)


  • Action & trigger job… $165
  • Steel trigger (adjustable for overtravel)…$65
  • Barrel compensated (integral)…NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • Scope mount (Tasco, Aimpoint, and others.)…$65+
  • Matte black Gun Kote polymer finish on most American handguns…$265
  • Custom made slab sided match grade bull barrel…$495
  • Groove top for scope rings… No longer available!
  • Accuracy tested at 50 yards (Ransom rest – all handguns)…$145


 This fine model 41 shows a custom scope mount which would cost around $225.00 depending on configuration.

 Custom grips by Dick Horton.

22 Caliber Barrel Lining

If you would like your S&W Model 41, Ruger MK I, II or III, Hammerli, or other 22 pistol bored out and lined with a match grade barrel liner and a Bentz match chamber costs start at:

$245.00 up to a 5 1/2″ barrel

$285.00 for all Ruger I, II, & III – barrels have to be pulled and considerable detail work needed.  Add $25.00 for 6 1/2″+.

$285.00 up to a 7 1/2″ barrel

Other brands of pistol barrels could cost more.

 Tight bore European specification barrel liner with eleven degree crown and a Bentz match chamber. The two circles were cut when the liner was crowned after installation and the crown cut integral with the factory recessed crown which resulted in the crowning tool cutting part of the original barrel.  I normally apply “cold blue” on the raw metal, but left the metal exposed in this photo for a magazine article so readers could see the liner edges.  The liner can be seen as the inner circle and is 3/8″ (.375″) in diameter.


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