Rifle Barrel Suppressors

Threading Barrels for Suppressors and Flash Hiders

Barrel threading costs are effected by of lots of things depending on if the barrel is easily removable and replaced, has to be threaded after removing from a bedded stock screwed into the action, if the front sight has to be removed and replaced, is in a pump or lever action, if we have to disassemble and reassemble a complex rifles, etc.  


The cost will range from $185.00 up to $345.00 and possibly more depending on other factors that effect the threading and accuracy.  We can thread your barrel without the supressor, but really need it in our possession so the threads can be tested for proper fit on the barrel.

All barrels are threaded “between centers” in a high tech lathe.  Never allow anyone to thread your barrel using plumbers dies.  The threads must be cut “between centers” in a lathe so the existing bullet does not touch the inside of your expensive . All the bullet has to do is be off just a few thousands of an inch and your supressor is forever ruined.