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Updated August 10, 2023

I have been a custom pistolsmith for a little over 49 years and an investor with a masters degree in economics and finance for 50 years. (I am 79 years old.) All my personal investments, including gold bullion, gold coins, common stocks, preferred stocks, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, real-estate, coins, stamps and others have never equaled investment in “quality” antique firearms. The percent appreciation as a percentage of money invested is absolutely unequaled to the point where, even if you paid too much for a particular firearm all you have to do is wait a short period of time to turn a profit. All the previous mentions areas of investment fluctuate up and down with political earthquakes and rain, but the value of fine obsolete American firearms does nothing but go up and up and up. I have tracked the appreciation value of investments all my life and have never found anything like the appreciation of firearms. Real-estate is definitely second on my list, but guns are so much more fun. God created dirt and “there ain’t no more.” As for fine firearms, visionary, inventive men created them from God’s raw materials” and there ain’t no more!

If you would like high resolution close-up photos of any of these old antiques I will be glad E-Mail them to you. If you see something I have misrepresented or is in question please do not hesitate to call or E-Mail. I am in San Antonio, Texas and the phone number is 210-494-3063, and my E-Mail address is “”

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) Colt cylinders. If you have a first or second generation Colt needing a new cylinder for restoration to original Colt specs or a caliber change I have new cylinders available in just about any caliber Colt made including 45 Colt, 44 WCF (44-40), 32 WCF (32-20), 44 special, and others. We also have OEM cylinders in 45 ACP for your 45 Colt, but only for first and second generation single actions. These OEM cylinders are blued. There are no OEM cylinders for Colt third generation single actions. You cost for the cylinder…$395.00.  Very limited.

Note: Some late model Colt second generation and commemorative single-actions will require internal fitting of the “hand” which requires considerable extra gunsmith expertise and fitting adding $95.00 to the fitting charge. First generation cylinders and early second generation cylinders can be sent in and I can match the dimensions, but the late second generation cylinder single actions will have to have the complete revolver sent so I can adjust the hand to the cylinder.




Engraved, Cased Antique Nickel 4″ Colt Python With Colt Gold Medallion Mother of Pearl Service Grips

(199P) Serial #V84227, caliber .357 magnum, 4″ full lug barrel, with 75% scroll engraving by master engraver Weldon Lister of Boerne, Texas.  This is a magnificent, cased Colt Python would highlight and be the centerpiece of any fine Colt collection.  The antique nickel plating is flawless and was also expertly executed by Mr Lister.  The case is genuine Colt factory with a “rare” two inch oval Colt medallion inlayed into the center of the top and the word “Colt” cut into the lower right corner.  The interior holds the Python perfectly nested in  breath taking “sea blue” velvet.  The bottom right corner of the interior has a wood insert holding six .357 Magnum cartridges. 

CONDITION:  This fine, rare Python is in excellent condition and mechanically perfect. The beautiful walnut case is new and in excellent condition with a rare Colt medallion expertly imbedded in the top.




          Framed Peters Cartridge Co. Advertisement

Framed Peters Cartridge Co. Advertisement– This is a beautifully preserved Phillip Goodwin, Peters Cartridge Co. advertising poster in a gilt frame measuring 17 1/2″ X 22 1/2″ painted by famous American artist Phillip Goodwin (1882 – 1935) who was an American painter who created illustrations for Collier’s Weekly, Everybody’s Magazine, Outdoor Life, and McClure’s Magazine as well as covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Goodwin’s work is recognized in many museums such as the American Museum Of Natural History, the Brandywine River Museum, the National Cowboy Hall Of Fame, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the National Museum Of Wildlife Art.

CONDITION: The poster is preserved in a sealed museum frame and the colors remain vivid behind clear glass…$499.00.


19th Century Miniature Canon

19th century miniature canon for salute and noise-making purposes. The tube is cast brass, hand stamped “C. F. Jones, Omaha“, marked on the right side of the breech is “Colombia, 1893.” The tube measures approximately 11 3/4″ and is of heavy construction with an iron mounted latch and breech swivels up to accept a 12 ga. blank shell. The noisemaker is fired by lanyard pull, with a trip-trigger and hammer type a arrangement. The wheels and carriage are case-iron.

Condition: Very good to excellent! These old cannons used “black powder only.” They are meant to be sand-bagged when shooting. This rare, beautiful little curiosity will make a beautiful floor piece in your arms room, but could be made to make a lot of noise on the 4th of July if the proper black powder shells and safety precautions are used. This fine canon is from the famous Robert Peterson collection and carries an estimated value of $1,800.00$1,500.00.


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