Sling Swivel Studs

Sling swivel studs: The three in the white (there are actually five) machined from solid bar stock with high top head screws that can be cut flush or domed are for mounting in a butt stock for a sleek custom look. They will accept Michaels and other quick release sling swivels and will not allow the swivels to touch and mar the wood. Brownells sells these for $30.00, but I will sell them for $20.00 apiece.
**One single barrel band swivel stud pictured has a .650″ inside diameter and retails for $55.00, but your cost on this one is $35.00.
**Two blue single barrel band swivel studs have a .780″ and .850″ inside diameter. They retail for $55.00…$30.00 apiece.

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