Post Civil War Spencer Repeating Saddle Ring Carbine

42. Unique Post Civil War Spencer Repeating Saddle Ring Carbine – Serial number #32281, caliber .52 Rim Fire, 19 3/4″ barrel, blue/casehardened finish and a walnut stock. This example of a Spencer Carbine is unique in that it is of the Model 1865 pattern with a unique Model 1867 feature. This specimen is equipped with the Spencer patent magazine cut-off on the top of the breechblock usually found on the Model 1867 marked specimens with serial numbers between 91,000 to 10,100. The front sight blade is fixed and the rear a folding ladder graduated to 800 yards. A combination trigger guard and lever operates the unique Spencer action, extracting the spent casing on the down stroke and chambering a fresh round from the tube magazine in the butt-stock on the upstroke. The top of the receiver is marked, “SPENCER REPEATING / RIFLE CO, BOSTON, MASS, / PAT’D MARCH 6 1860” and the serial number is marked next to the hammer. The barrel is a Blue three groove and the remaining parts color casehardened. The saddle ring and bar are mounted on the left wrist. The wood is Walnut with a smooth forearm and straight grip stock ending with a steel carbine buttplate and a sling swivel.

CONDITION: NRA Very good. The barrel has a smooth brown patina. The remaining parts have a smooth silver gray patina with signs of some light cleaning on the receiver. The wood is good, There is a small chunk missing on the upper front, left side of the forearm, a crude period “H” scratched into the right side of the stock and overall minor to moderate dents, dings and scratches. The markings are legible and the action is fine…$2,390.00.

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