Sharps New Model 1863 Metallic Conversion Carbine

41. () Sharps New Model 1863 Metallic Conversion Carbine – Serial #66188, 50-70 U. S. Govt. Cal., 22 inch round barrel, clue/casehardened finish, walnut stock.This is an example of a Sharps Model 1863 carbine that was either arsenal or Sharps Rifle Company converted to .50-70 center fire metallic cartridge with the relined 3 groove barrel. The Ordnance Department contracted with Sharps to convert more than 31,000 Civil War carbines from percussion to center fire configuration in 1867. These carbines were issued to the U. S. Cavalry and along with the Model 1865 Spencer Carbines were the primary cavalry carbines until the Model 1873 Springfield Trapdoor carbine replaced them in 1874 to 1875. The carbine has the standard Lawrence folding leaf rear sight graduated to 800 yards and is fitted with a sling bar and ring on the left side of the stock wrist and receiver. The barrel is absent of the standard Sharps markings and the New Model marking is vary faint. The left rear flat is marked with the letter “F”. Crisp “Sharps and R. S. Lawrence” patent markings are on the receiver and lock plate. The serial number is located on the upper tang. The script “DFC“/ribbon final inspection mark applied to Sharps conversion carbines is stamped on the center of the left side of the stock.

CONDITION: Very Fine (NRA Very Good to excellent) as arsenal refurbished at the time of conversion with most of the original blue finish remaining on the barrel with areas thinning to a smooth plum. The hammer and lock retain 80% of the original case colors. The receiver has a smooth mottled patina with strong case colors on the left rear and in protected areas. The buttplate retains most of the case colors and the lever has a smooth silver gray patina with case colors in the protected areas. The wood is fine with some minor chipping around the saddle ring bar base and overall a few scattered minor dings and dents. This beautiful carbine is in excellent mechanical condition…$4,800.00.

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