New Cleaner/Degreaser

TR Cleaner/Degreaser – Used for degreasing parts without leaving a residue. TR Cleaner /Degreaser contains a special formulation of fast drying, water displacing solvents that rapidly cut through oils and grease. TR Cleaner/Degreaser can be used on ignition points, plugs, deep cleaning bearings and drive chains prior to lubrication. TR Cleaner/Degreaser has unlimited uses for degreasing parts prior to coating or finishing. Using modern degreasers that are used to degrease brake parts and other automotive parts state they do not leave a residue, but that means they do not leave a residue that will effect brake parts, but they do leave a residue that will effect a surface that is to be coated with a high tech, space age coating such as TR Gun Kote. TR Cleaner Degreaser is especially formulated for high tech finishes using base solvents which are the same as the solvent used in TR Gun Kote.

NOTE: The price for TR Cleaner Degreaser is less than half the price of most and possibly all of the degreasers on the market today and is used extensively by some of the largest manufacturers in the firearms industry including Kimber Manufacturing. TR Cleaner Degreaser carries the American Pistolsmiths Guild Seal Of Approval for quality and function.

Prices: $6.95 for one 16 oz aerosol can or $54.00 per case of twelve cans. Shipping is extra.



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