First Generation Colt Single Action Army Revolver

34. First Generation Colt Single Action Army Revolver – Serial # 278307, 32 WCF Caliber, 7 1/2″ barrel, blue/color case hardened finish fixed sights and hard rubber grips. Made in 1906 with the one line Hartford address and “32 WCF” caliber markings on the barrel plus two line three date patent markings on the frame next to the circled Rampant Colt, “1511” assembly number. Matching numbers on the frame and grip straps and checkered Rampant Colt grips with “OLIVER AHLERS” scratched into the underside along with 14 notches on the butt.

CONDITION: Fine with 40% of the original blue finish showing areas of brown patina and mild spotting with scattered handling marks and a small amount of pitting on the muzzle and trigger guard which is slightly bent probably when Mr. Ahlers knocked some “bad guy” in the head which was a common practice. A mixed brown and gray patina is forming on the frame with original color visible on the hammer. Grips are good with an aged brown color, mild pressure dents, but have “Oliver Ahlers” and 14 notches scratched into the bottom of the grips. The scratches and notches are interesting, but I assume they were put there in a moment of drunken fantasy by the original owner or chronicles the number of rabbits he killed or if Mr. Ahlers was a lawman it could be the way he kept track of the men he injected with 32-20 lead. I like this kind of personal marking as it makes the piece more unique and interesting. Mechanically, this Colt is very good….$3,540.00.

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